Fresh Farm Raised Cobia

We here at Pierless are proud to offer fresh Open Blue Cobia, farm raised in the deep, blue Caribbean waters off Panama. If you're not familiar with cobia, it is a fish delicate in flavor and complex in texture, with exceptional fat content and the ability to be used in both raw and cooked preparation. In the words of Pierless owner Robert Demasco, "it’s meaty and dense like sturgeon, but it’s fatty like hamachi." The hamachi comparison fits well, as the different cuts of cobia are texturally unique due to fat content and density, and the cobia collars are extremely delicious as well.
The cobia are raised in open ocean pens that are suspended in the water column, with limited fish in each pen to eliminate any waste build up or overcrowding. This helps to prevent disease as well as stress and is part of the reason Open Blue's farming process is completely sustainable. With the pens located in the natural, nutrient rich ocean currents, there is no need for filtration, recirculation, or pen cleaning, and the cobia are swimming through new water everyday. For more information check out this article on the subject, featuring an interview with Robert Demasco, or visit Open Blue's webpage
April 03, 2014 by Charles Trimarco
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