Sustainably Farm Raised Dover Sole

Sole, a fish prized for it's delicate, sweet taste and versatility in cooking, originally came from the Northeastern Atlantic. The term "Dover sole" originated because so many of the fish came from the port of Dover in Great Britain in the 19th century, more than any other area in Europe. With this booming popularity, the wild sole around Western Europe quickly diminished to a level that put the population at serious risk.
Bottom and top fillets of Dover sole, next to whole fish
New technologies and state of the art facilities have made farmed Dover sole return as an industry staple, and this time it is a sustainable option internationally. Stolt Sea farm, our supplier in Lira, Spain, is at the forefront of industry technology, processes, and experience. They are also highly involved with the replenishment effort of wild populations in the North, Baltic, and Mediterranean seas. 
With firm, boneless fillets, this delicious fish has redefined itself as a sustainable favorite because of its farming success. Our Dover sole are never frozen, and because of being a farmed product, the quality, size, and availability are all highly reliable for any application. The size, between 22 and 24 ounces, is especially great served as an entree for two people to share. 
December 03, 2014 by Sonja Panacek