Madai from Japan

Madai is easily distinguished by its beautiful, coppery-red color. It is in the sea bream family, with fish like porgy and European daurade. This highly iconic Japanese fish is prized for it sushi-grade flesh and the ability to compliment all kinds of cuisine, especially in raw applications. Many times it is prepared for important events and holidays in Japan like weddings and New Years celebrations, being that it is referred to as a “celebration” or “luxury” fish. There are many types of these sea bream, or “tai,” in waters off the coast of Japan, but madai is a favorite, and is usually referred to as “genuine tai.” Madai is one of the most iconic and celebrated tai in Japanese cuisine, dating back thousands of years.

With a strong and historic popularity, aquaculture has made this species available around the world without the threat of overfishing the wild population. Our madai are farmed in southern Japan in open-water pens, generally about 2 to 8 pounds in size. They are never frozen, always arriving fresh here in New York, offering a taste of authentic, celebrated, Japanese cuisine.


March 26, 2015 by Sonja Panacek