Local Brook Trout from Rural Pennsylvania

Looking for an affordable, local option for seafood from a small-scale farm? You've found it.

By being raised in a small and naturally-powered setting, the carbon footprint to produce each fish is notably lower than others in the aquaculture industry. The Preserve has positioned itself to not only offer some of the best farmed rainbow trout available on the market today, but is also a substantial part of a local economy that we’re proud to support, being only a few hours drive from New York City.
Our brook trout come from the Limestone Springs Preserve -- a local, high-quality trout farm in Lebenon County Pennsylvania. The trout are raised in long concrete troughs, or “runs,” with pristine spring water that flows through them from the Preserve’s adjacent 19th century limestone quarry. This system is gravity-powered, with minimal electricity required to keep the freshwater flowing for the growing trout. Used water flows out of the runs and into a manmade settling basin where waste and sediment settle. The water is then cleaned and filtered slowly and carefully, then continuing down the Tulpehocken Creek. This flow-through system allows for a natural, clean habitat, and is very different than the general water recycling system primarily used in fish farming. The trout at Limestone Springs Preserve are fed a high-grade, sustainable feed, and mature for 20 months, or until they reach about 12 inches in length. The runs are then thoroughly cleaned and power-washed, and then the process begins again with small trout that have been hatched and raised from fry on the same property.

In addition to the raceways where the trout are raised, the Limestone Springs Preserve also offers a pay-to-fish pond, where at any time of year, anyone can catch as many rainbow trout as they want without needing to have a Pennsylvania fishing license. Whatever you catch you must keep -- fish that are caught are purchased by the pound. This unique opportunity gives anyone the chance to easily catch and taste these delicious fish.

Want to try some at home? Available by the fillet, whole, or butterfly-cut, any of these are easily made into a flavorful, healthy meal. Trout pair well with garlic or citrus, and are very affordable. Be sure to check out this product on our store.