Origin: Wild Caught, product of USA

Often compared to lobster meat and nicknamed the "poor man's lobster," Monkfish are not only more economical than its counterpart but also far more resourceful. Monkfish are known as anglerfish for their antenna-like spine that extends out and acts as a lure. Monkfish actually fish for their prey! Braise the fish's cheeks or roast the tail in a very hot oven and serve with drawn butter. Monkfish do well with the warm spices of the Mediterranean.

Recommended Preparation 
Braise tail in spicy tomato broth; serve with saffron aioli and mussels

Flavor Profile
No flake, firm meaty flavor

Vitamins and Minerals
Selenium, Vitamins B, Niacin

This item is scaled, deboned, and ready to cook.
1lb feeds up to two to three people.
This item freezes well. 


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