Giant Scallops


Origin: Wild Caught, product of USA

While not quite large enough to carry Venus De Milo, the Giant Scallop is nonetheless a true deep-sea treasure. Not only is it and its shell mythic in proportion, but it is also an extremely hard worker. The meat of the scallop, or nut, is actually a muscle that opens and closes its shell, allowing the bivalve to scurry across the ocean floor. Scallops are meaty and delicate, a perfect substitute for a steak or chop dinner. Serve them lightly pan seared, baked with a garlic butter sauce or raw and sliced thin.

Recommended Preparation
Scallop crudo with citrus, salt and olive oil

Flavor Profile
Rich, delicate, and meaty

Vitamins and Minerals
Selenium, Phosphorous, Vitamin B2, Zinc

1lb Tray feeds up to three to four people.
This item is ready to cook.  
This item freezes well. 

FDA recommends seafood intended for raw consumption to be frozen or fully cooked to ensure destruction of parasites. PFC is not responsible for freezing seafood products.

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