Yellowfin Tuna


Origin: Wild Caught, product of USA

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Origin: Wild Caught, product of USA

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Origin: Farmed, product of Spain

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Origin: Farmed, product of Greece

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Local Peconic Bay Scallops

About eighty miles east of New York City lies the quaint and historical haven of the Peconic Bay. Situated between the North and South forks on the end of Long Island, this ecosystem is mainly fed by the Peconic River, forging an estuary that is now greatly profiting from diligent management practices that have saved it from dissolution.

Historically speaking, the Peconic area provided over eighty percent of New York State's bay scallops. Eutrophication, raised nitrogen levels, and poor management brought on a brown algal bloom in 1985, bringing many species, the bay scallop among them, close to failure.

Not anymore. The locals came together here on Long Island to redefine what it meant to protect and redevelop their resources, putting scallops from Nantucket Bay, off the coast of Massachusetts, on the same level as the now-booming Peconics.

Obviously, we recommend the locally managed and supported fishery about an hour away.

Remarkably sweet, delicate, and popularly consumed raw, Peconic Bay scallops are shucked live and guarded carefully before, during, and after their short trip across Long Island. This local delicacy isn't something you can miss out on.

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Fresh Farm Raised Cobia

We here at Pierless are proud to offer fresh Open Blue Cobia, farm raised in the deep, blue Caribbean waters off Panama. If you're not familiar with cobia, it is a fish delicate in flavor and complex in texture, with exceptional fat content and the ability to be used in both raw and cooked preparation...

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Long Island whole monk.

Yes , sustainable ! Just look at www.fishwatch.gov

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