Founded in 1999, Pierless Fish has proudly supplied New York City’s top chefs and restaurants with the highest quality fish and shellfish for over twenty years. From the beginning, our focus has been on local and sustainable, because without ethical and responsible harvesting practices, the fishing industry would not be able to serve future generations. We pride ourselves on our relationships and on-the-dock communication with the loyal fisherfolk who are committed to bringing in the best catches. It’s what allows us to offer a wide variety of standard catches such as halibut, tuna, salmon, Atlantic cod, wild striped bass, scallops, and shrimp, as well as delicacies ranging from uni and caviar to razor clams and oysters.

We review the quality of every product that comes into our state-of-the-art Sunset Park facility—if it doesn’t meet our standards, we don’t sell it. Our butchering team has over 100 collective years of experience with cutting seafood, so you can feel confident the product is being handled with utmost care during every step of the process. If you need custom cuts—cleaning, portioning, butterflying, removing pin bones or skin, peeling/deveining shrimp—we can handle that for you and save you time and labor.

Products are packaged based on the need of the customer: If the fish is being delivered whole or scaled, we package them loosely with plenty of ice. If we butcher the fish, it’s packaged in individual trays and sealed for freshness. All deliveries arrive covered in shaved ice to maintain proper temperature and our delivery trucks are kept at 34°F—just above freezing—to make sure the temperature stays consistent when truck doors are opened and closed for deliveries. We deliver Monday through Saturday in the NY metropolitan area and Monday through Friday for upstate NY and CT.

Our in-house experience and high level of contact with our suppliers ensures that our customers receive the best-quality seafood possible again and again.