Welcome to the new and improved pierless.com! We didn't want to live in a world where a drone could deliver groceries, but chefs were still placing orders by fax. So, we designed a website that combines the convenience of e-commerce with the industry expertise that we built our name on. The result is an online ordering platform that allows you to browse and search all our offerings or to place an order in under 60 seconds flat.


Who can I contact for help?

Please email us at pierlessfishsales@baldorfood.com with any questions or call (718) 222-4441. At this time, email is the preferred means of reaching us and the email address is monitored between 7 AM - 11 PM Monday - Friday. We appreciate your understanding.

Where do you deliver to?

Since spring 2020, we’ve offered local delivery to nearby NY-area fish lovers from our fleet of refrigerated trucks, delivering to Manhattan and Brooklyn - oftentimes with next-day delivery.

To find out the delivery method available for your zip code, please use the zip code checker found HERE


Is there an order minimum and are there delivery fees?

Our minimum order value is $100.

Delivery is always free without any additional fees for orders above $100.

How do I pay for my order?

Pierless Fish orders are paid for by credit card during the checkout process. There are no costs associated with creating your account, and payment information is only required during the checkout process. 

Can I freeze my delivery?

While the majority of our fish is sent fresh, we carry frozen items, too. The item’s fresh or frozen status will be listed on its ordering page. Upon arrival, frozen items should be immediately placed in the freezer, unless you’re planning to thaw and cook them within the next day. Items sent fresh have never been frozen, and therefore, can also be placed in the freezer upon arrival.

Do you offer Home Delivery?

Pierless Fish is no longer offering a Home Delivery service.

Thank you to all our customers who supported our Home Delivery program -- we hope you enjoy our seafood in the future at the amazing restaurants we serve!