Pierless Fish opened with three goals: To provide the highest quality fish and shellfish, while dialing in on sustainable and local catches; to operate with integrity and transparency; and to be an operation restaurants, chefs, and owners could rely on.

Why We Started
We knew restaurants needed a better way to source fish and that New York City chefs, whose orders often didn’t show up or arrived lacking in quality, needed greater reliability. We also knew that we could save chefs valuable time and labor, by providing just-like-how-it-would-be-in-their-kitchen, services.

How We Made It Happen
From the beginning, we focused on meeting those goals. First, we learned as much as could about the fishing world and the ecosystem, so that we could always make the best, most informed decisions. Next, we realized that if we were going to offer the best, we needed to go right to the source: We connected with fisherfolk, the people who dedicate their lives to the water and their catches, which has allowed us to get right in there at the docks.

At the same time, thanks to our research, we realized that farm-raised is important, both for consistency and sustainability. We worked tirelessly (and still do today) to find the best of the best.

Important Puzzle Pieces
We know, it’s not just enough to bring in the best. It’s about what happens once it gets to us. We have a team of receivers who truly understand their product – what they should look out for, what they should bring in, and what they should turn away. We realized quickly that the people who hold these positions are our gatekeepers, and that without them, all our hard work up until this point would be lost.

For the floor, we hired people with fish and seafood backgrounds, as well as those who were eager to learn as much as possible. These are the people, some of whom have been with us for over a decade, who take an excellent catch, and break it down with expert precision into sides and portioned fillets. They’re also the people who make scaling, pin bone removal, and de-skinning look easy. They are masters at their craft.

Like every step in the process, nothing would matter if not for the next people – our drivers. They wake up every morning knowing that their job is to transport high quality, sustainably caught, expertly filleted fish and beautiful seafood, from our Sunset Park facility to restaurants and hotels, throughout the metro area. From inside our fully air-conditioned fleet of delivery vans, they deliver to the top kitchens in New York City, and beyond, and we couldn’t be prouder of, or more grateful for, their dedication.

Where We are Now
In spring 2020, we joined the Baldor Specialty Foods family, which has helped us reach a greater number of restaurants and chefs.

For over 20 years, our reputation, combined with our incredible team – the people who work directly for us and those who have committed to raising and catching the best – has resulted in our fish and seafood finding the way into top restaurants, hotels, and markets, onto menus, and into chef’s good graces.

The services we offer

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Our experienced crew fabricates every item from our state-of-the-art, HACCP-certified Sunset Park facility, before our fleet of refrigerated trucks take over, delivering to Manhattan, and beyond.



Your fish wish is our command. Our talented team is on hand to butterfly, remove pin bones, slice, cube, and portion fillets into perfect, just to your specification sizes.