New York-based Baldor Specialty Foods invests $40 million to develop new cold storage facility

Editorial staff Nov 26 , 2020

224,000 square-foot warehouse distribution centre in Philadephia planned.

Large New York-based food company Baldor Specialty Foods has bought 13 acres in Northeast Philadelphia and will invest USD 40 million to develop a new cold storage facility, reports Biz Journals.

The company said that it will use the location to grow its business within a 100-mile radius of the city, with a 224,000-square-foot warehouse distribution centre.

The company delivers a range of food to corporate, food service, wholesale, retail, hospitals and schools.

In a move to improve the food distributors’ network reach for seafood, Baldor acquired the asset purchase of Brooklyn’s premier fresh seafood purveyor Pierless Fish in May. It sells many species, including Scottish salmon fillets as well as Cambridge House branded smoked salmon.